$55 Gym Floor           $45 Below the Walkway       $35.00 Above the Walkway


For Chair Seat Information Contact:  Shane Grotti at 618-751-1661

Frankfort Community High School
32nd Annual Mid-Winter Classic Boys’ Basketball Tournament
Pre-Tournament Ticket Sales for Redbird Fans

Wednesday, January 10, 2018



Pre-Tournament Sales are for Ticket Packets Only for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Sessions.
Single Session tickets will only be sold starting 2 hours before each session begins.
Chair Seat Holders can only purchase the number of tickets that they purchase during the regular season during the 4 pm – 8 pm time period shown below.
If you are in the parent or employee group and do NOT currently hold chair seats, you will be limited to purchase 2 chair seats from 4 pm to 8 pm. 
AFTER 8 pm, there are no limits to the amount of tickets that an individual may purchase.

The Schedule:
4 pm – 6 pm  Gold and Red Chippers
                 Parents of Players and Cheerleaders
    District Employees
6 pm – 7 pm  Current Chair Seat Holders – DRAW CARDS 101 – 175.
7 pm – 8 pm  Current Chair Seat Holders – DRAW CARDS 176 – 250.

8 pm – 9 pm  Any Redbird Fans (No Limits on Number of Tickets Bought).


 2018 Chair Seat Sales
FCHS Gym Lobby