We appreciate your interest in Frankfort Community High School and will contact you within 24 hours. 

 If you are interested in speaking with one of our coaches, see the contact information below. 

Coaching Staff

Brian Beery, Head Footbal/Head Boys Track Coach                                                             bbeery@wfschools.org
Tim Glodich, Asst Football Coach                                                                                         tglodich@wfschools.org
Rick Arrington, Asst Football/Head Wresting/Asst Boys Track Coach                                 rarrington@wfschools.org
Jack Calvert, Asst Football Coach                                                                                        jcalvert@wfschools.org
Matt Hampleman, Head Cross Country Coach                                                                     mhampleman@wfschools.org
Dan Miner, Asst Cross Country Coach                                                                                 dminer@wfschools.org
Mike Karoski, Boys Golf Coach                                                                                           
Jessica Grimes, Girls Golf Coach                                                                                         

Kacy Nolen, FCHS/CJHS Head Volleyball Coach                                                                  knolen@wfschools.org

Katie Keown, FCHS/CJHS Asst Volleyball Coach                                                                 kkeown@wfschools.org

Evan Wyllie, Head Boys Basketball Coach                                                                           ewylie@wfschools.org

Josh Webb, JV Boys Basketball Coach                                                                                 jwebb@wfschools.org

Tracy Steed, Head Girls Basketball Coach                                                                          tsteed@wfschools.org

David Chick, Head Girls Track Coach                                                                                  dchick@wfschools.org

Kelly Webb, Asst Girls Track Coach                                                                                     kwebb@wfschools.org

Marcus Chance/Asst Wrestling Coach                                                                                mchance@wfschools.org

Josh Hefner, Fishing Coach                                                                                                  jhefner@wfschools.org

Michael Warren, FCHS Head Baseball Coach                                                                      mwarren@wfschools.org

Phil Overturf, Asst FCHS Baseball/Head CJHS Baseball Coach                                          poverturf@wfschools.or

Jim Piersol, FCHS/CJHS Softball Coach                                                                             jpiersol@wfschools.org

Lane Murphy, CJHS Cross Country Coach                                                                           lmurphy@wfschools.org

Nathan Wilburn, CJHS Girls Track Coach                                                                            nrwilburn@wfschools.org



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